A/foi Andreou Xoirostasia

The largest, integrated pork producer in Cyprus.

Andreou Brothers pig farms is one of the largest, integrated pork producer in Cyprus operating across Larnaca, Famagusta and Nicosia.
Headquartered in Tersefanou, Larnaca, is a leading producer of safe and high quality pork. Andreou Brothers pig farms employs more than 80 people, manages 3300 sows and produces more than 90000 slaughter pigs every year.

  • 1 genetic multiplication unit,
  • 4 farrow to finish units and
  • 3 finishing units

Furthermore the company operates a feed mill with a yearly capacity of 25000 tones of feed and 2 waste treatment plants for the production of biogas and the subsequent electricity and heat generation. The company is self-sufficient in both electrical and thermal energy with a Plant Capacity of 1 MWe and 1 MWth. 80% of produced electricity is exported to the Grid as green energy.

  • Production facilities

    Our production facilities are designed and fulfill animal welfare requirements and operate in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner.


Gordiou Desmou 10-15, 7101 Aradippou Industrial Area, Larnaca, Cyprus
P.O. Box 45093, 7110 Aradippou, Cyprus
Tel: 24816333
Fax: 24811010
Email: farma@andreou.com

For more information on A/foi Andreou Xoirostasia, please contact us at farma@andreou.com or call us at 24816333.

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