Work Environment

Andreou Brothers Group offers a safe and modern work environment for all employees, together with systems and tools as well as opportunities that help them develop their abilities, attain their individual and team goals in their professional development, and sustain a healthy work-life balance.

We encourage innovation, initiative, learning and creativity, and we put to good use the skills and abilities of our people in order to improve the quality of products and services and the Group’s public image, and to offer them personal satisfaction and professional development through a relationship of trust and mutual benefit.

We believe that assuring an optimal working environment for its employees is the basis for a mutual trust relationship and ultimately to a common success path.

Our working environment is expressed through the following principles:

  • Excellent Hygiene and Safety conditions through the development of a Health and Safety Management System across all activity areas of the Group.
  • Working Harmony by encouraging dialogue and establishing mutual trust among all employees.
  • Skill Development incentives by offering specialized and targeted training programs for the professional growth and development of all employees.
  • Career opportunities for the achievement of professional goals and objectives of all employees, through meritocratic processes for the recruitment and appraisal of the personnel.

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